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Friday, January 12, 2007

Rusty Capo

So this is just my "hello world" post for my English 3203 response blog. I chose to go with a different template than my regular blog, but decided to bring along Lakitu as my own kind of copyright-infringing web 2.0 trademark. I'm looking forward to the kinds of dialogues (maybe even a couple trialogues) that this format readily supports. I'm not quite looking forward to the flamewars over the architectural particulars of theater construction that will inevitably ensue. I guess sharing is a double edged s-word.

My regular blog is Lakitu's Mystical Journey. Check it out if you want, but be warned. It's, uh... silly. I have a thing for nonsense titles for my posts, but this is the last and only one for this more serious blog. I swears.