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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This post is silly.

I was thinking about how The Beggar's Opera use popular ballads of the time and how that would translate to a contemporary setting. Actually, I was just thinking of changing the words of modern (last 100 years) songs to make them about the play. Not the same thing, I know. First person to name the two songs being parodied gets eleventy billion bonus marks.

It's a God-awful small affair
to the girl with the powdered hair.
But her mummy is yelling "no"
and daddy wishes her brain would grow.
But her man is nowhere to be seen
He's at the bar with his rowdy gang
She thinks that he might just settle down
But he's hooked to the silver scene
Now she finds out she's not alone
Another woman calls him her own.
That saucy jade dares malign his name!
Now I ask you to focus on

Ladies arguing in Newgate
Good sir, Look at those hussies go.
It's a misfortunate show.
Take a look at the Lock-man
Putting on the weak chains.
Quite so! Wonder if he'll ever know
Macheath could easily go.
Is this life behind bars?

Ok that's enough. I'll save the second one for tomorrow.


Ok. so no big marks probably heading this way for the blogging component of the course, but I've got a little bit of content on The Beggar's Opera that I could share.

I used a music notation program called Noteworthy to made midi files of a few of the airs as they're written down in the text, but we didn't really need to use them in our presentation since we had video clips. I copied them note for note, so don't ask me why they sometimes don't sound right. Just so you know, the file hosting site I uploaded these to will only keep them online for 7 days.
*Update* Switched hosting site.